About me

Markus Solibieda (born in 1968) has been working as an investor and entrepreneur in the private equity and venture capital business since 1995. 


In his role as an investor, Markus Solibieda sees himself as a provider of ideas and coach for the entrepreneurs and managers with whom he works. Optimizing shareholder value takes priority in all strategic and operational discussions. Besides innovation and organic growth, the acquisition of suitable companies can be just as significant as the international expansion of companies and business models. The drivers of corporate success from Markus Solibieda’s viewpoint are above all openness, courage and persistence.


Following periods spent studying abroad (Cincinnati, Dijon, Phoenix), Markus Solibieda completed his business administration studies by graduating from the European Business School. 


Markus Solibieda initially worked for a leading German investment company, then later for a global  private equity company headquartered in Boston. He then invested in a technology company, which he took public as CFO and where he was then responsible for international growth via company acquisitions in Europe, the USA and Asia. 


Markus Solibieda has invested in more than 20 companies in various stages of development, from start-up and early-stage companies and growth financing through to succession situations and restructuring. At present, Markus Solibieda is responsible for the venture capital division of a global chemical company, where he identifies and invests in potential new business models. 


Markus Solibieda grew up in eastern Westphalia and currently lives with his family in the Rhine-Main region. His personal guiding themes are freedom, self-determination and solidarity. Following time spent studying in the USA, Markus Solibieda continues to maintain close personal and business contacts there.


As an entrepreneur in the investment business, Markus Solibieda possesses the following experience: 

  • Acquisition of companies and investments in companies
  • Planning and implementation of (international) buy-and-build concepts
  • Company development and value creation
  • Development of KPIs and investment controlling
  • Planning and implementation of IPOs
  • International investor relations (for companies on the stock market and for private equity  companies)
  • Internationalization of business models
  • Activity as a (financial) director, adviser and supervisory body for companies with sales from EUR 5 to 400 million
  • Staffing and corporate governance